Home Seller's Pre-listing Inspection

Today, buyers can afford to be choosy. So what can make your home more attractive than the rest? A pre-listing home inspection.

A Quicker Home Sale for Top Dollar

You'll get more money if your house is in top shape, and be able to close the deal more quickly. Home inspections are a popular and worthwhile option: 77% of all homes sold have one. So why wait until your buyer's inspector finds a problem? Chances are they'll want to discount your asking price more than the cost of repairs!

A BEST CERTIFIED HOME INSPECTION Pre-Listing Home Inspection Provides Powerful Benefits:

•  There's no waiting for a potential buyer to order a home inspection.

•  You will impress buyers with proof of your home's condition inside and out.

•  Correct problems and eliminate last-minute repair hassles that could delay closing.

•  Decrease the chances of unknown problems that cause sales to fall through.

•  Get a better price for your home.

Let's face it, if a buyer is choosing between your pre-inspected home and another home without an inspection, which one will they choose? ... Yours.

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