1. Know what you are buying.

2. Reduce your buying risk substantially.

There is a considerable risk associated with every home purchase , whether resale or brand new construction. Only by being fully aware of and understanding the condition, age, and normal functioning of its major systems, 

3. Limit unexpected surprises once you move in the home.

Once you have invested our life savings into a home, you won't want to find out a short time later that a heating system will require replacement, the roof is too old to last another season, the attic is full of mold, etc. These can be very expensive concerns and you'll want to know before you buy the home .

Have a better understanding of what the home is worth to you and how much of your money should be invested in the property.

You will need to have someone knowledgeable in all the major residential systems and who has no other interests in the home , go over the entire home with you . Someone who is not properly trained or someone who benefits from the sale of the home, may not be your best choice for accurate and objective information.

5. A chance to discuss the home and its features in an unbiased manner.

The professional home inspector's only concern in the process is providing the client with accurate and useful information. 

6. Access to a professional who has a wealth of information about all the major systems in your home.

During the inspection, time is often devoted to explaining to the client how a certain system works or should work. This is an excellent time for you to ask questions, gather important information, and learn first hand about concerns important to you.

7. Access to an independent source of performance expectations, life cycle norms, and repair/replacement costs for major features of the home.

You have an excellent opportunity to learn what you can expect from a particular system, how long it should last given its present condition, and what costs you might reasonably expect when it fails.

8. You get an objective view of the home.

Home buyers can often become overwhelmed with cosmetic features of a home; possibly how close it is to the school, maybe what the baby's room will look like, or how it feels to be in their own or a new home, and so forth.
BEST CERTIFIED HOME INSPECTION L.L.C. will encourage you to look much deeper and beyond the surface impressions. Your impressions are of course important but it is the inspector's job to provide a greater depth of important and/or relevant information. Only then can you truly make an informed buying decision.

9. Your home inspection can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

By having a greater knowledge of the condition and functioning of the prospective home before the purchase, the buyer is in a much better position to decide on the value of the home and how well it will suit they needs and expectations. After the inspection, the client has a better understanding of what expenses they might reasonably incur in the near future


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